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Our Story

JTS was founded in 1992 by three brothers with a vision to create a personalised van sales service for the hospitality industry, predominantly selling a wide range of bar snacks and sundry products. Fast forward 29 years we have evolved our business even further, it is not only pork scratchings we sell to our customers, but tableware too.

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Meet The Team


Nickey Hann

Tableware Manager


Sarah Fiddes

Tableware Executive 


Karen Beard 

Tableware Admin

Our Team

JTS is lucky enough to have an in house tableware team, made up of a group of creative individuals, all of whom have an abundant appreciation for the arts.
Our meetings are carefully curated to suit your needs, be it fine china, whiteware or tasteful colours to match extravagant flavours that you require, we will bring relevant samples of our products for you to try yourself.

Food is often perceived to taste better when presented well. We are visual beings after all! Chefs are not just talented masters of flavours, they are also artists who use plates as a canvas for their work. At JTS we understand that plating a dish is more than just creating something aesthetically pleasing. Let us help you create a striking finish for your table.
For the proper pub grub, no messing around, a pint of ale and a pie and mash kind of pubs, we also offer an extensive range of basic whiteware. Good quality, durable, bright white and simple. This range is for the foods that don’t need a helping hand of extravagance. We are proud to stock this range, it is affordable and timeless.

White crockery is a good option because it makes almost all dishes look worthy and means you don’t have to keep up with any trends. The actual colours of the food appear to be more vibrant and appealing. Utilizing different textures and shape combinations with whiteware is also a sensible method to enhance the presentation of your dishes.

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